Golden Spike Geological Museum

Museum, Cultural Building
Invited Competion (1st Prize)
Yichang, Hubei, China

The ‘Golden Spike’ in Huanghua Town, Yiling District, is an important scientific significance in geological science.

A ‘Golden Spike’ describes a geological landmark that has a special meaning to the surface: It is “nailed into”  the earth, which shows its important position in geological science and the important scientific significance of epoch-
making milestone.

The ‘Golden Spike’ is an important intention for the design of the project. The buildings resemeble scattered geometrical dots spiked into the ground. Each of these dots/buildings has the same task: offering a place where people can explore the world of nature, understand the richness of geography and the wealth of geography in science and technology.

Another important design intention is the ‘section’. The concept of Golden Spike is related to the section, and the section is also the best tool to interpret nature. The etymology of the word ‘section’ is ‘secare’ in Latin and ‘section’ has the same etymology as the secret. The connection appears to imply that the section is crucial to revealing a secret. In the project, the Huanghuachang section of the ground is presented to the visitors in the most direct way.